Monday, June 18, 2018

2018-06-18 [Video] Goodnight Gorilla

2018-06-18 Classes and Tonkatsu ramen

▲Today we skipped the morning story time and only went to the afternoon coding class because Lavinia wanted some change of schedule today. And the topic today was Array! So Lavinia learned that it was for grouping list of items. Additionally, Lavinia played the robot turtle game today and solved the puzzle on her own, I thought that was pretty cool.

▲Soccer practice tonight, though Lavinia had a nap and eat some dumplings before the class, she didn't seem to enjoy the class when it comes to activities that she was not familiar with.  The best part of the class to her was really just the running around warm up. I think it's both the time of the class not working well for her (6:30-7:15pm) and that she was not so coordinated due to lack of practice. Maybe we will try it when she is older. =/

▲And tonight! We finally had our delicious, took forever, god-damn 12-hours boiling broth, chashu ramen assembled for dinner! It was delicious and amazing! Good job Hans for making the broth and tasty egg. Good job me for making the chashu to go with the ramen. Team Behrens ramen was just amazing!

▲Later tonight Lavinia also read Helene Goodnight Gorilla book and she loved it!! (see video)

Sunday, June 17, 2018

2018-06-17 Happy Father's Day to Hans, Henry, and Yaw-tzong!

▲On Father's Day morning, Lavinia completed "what's their other half?" activity with me. Helene also got to use some coloring pens while we were working. Obviously I drew the dish as an example and the top right corner face on her pieces, but what amazed me was that she learned to write her Chinese name quickly! (The blue squished together lines were her chinese name, so were the tow characters next to the bottle.) She also said out of all of them, she lived the tea bottle the best.

▲Then we headed to Mekong market to get some ingredients for RAMEN! That's right! We wanted to make ramen broth today!

▲Making ramen while the kids danced their heart out with leek ingredients...

▲While we were waiting in the afternoon, the kids had a fun glow light dance party! Although Helene kept trying to take them apart and put together and not focus on dancing, Lavinia sure had lots of fun with them!

▲Well, the ramen broth had to boil for a long time so it wont make it for dinner, but we had fish tacos for dinner and Helene just insisted on eating cheese (that was easy). Hans made delicious sauce to go with the fish tacos and together it was amazing!

▲Ramen broth boiling...will happen overnight for 12 hours. Mmmmmm, tonkatsu broth incoming!!

Father's Day...

Well, the ramen was originally an idea for Father's Day gift for Hans, but it will be taking longer since Hans went for the fancy gourmet route. (It's his idea) So Happy Father's Day to Hans and thanks for making this day still easy for me though he could have taken a day off. Also Happy Father's Day to Henry, my awesome dad, and Yaw-Tzong, my awesome dad! Happy Father's Day to all of you great Dads!!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

2018-06-16 [Video] It's great to have a sister...

2018-06-16 Didgeridoo down under

▲We went to see a Digeridoo show at Chandler downtown library this morning. This guy really reminded me of Hans! If he has his hair shorter, he might be able to look like Hans' doppelganger! Anyway, this was my first time seeing and hearing this long horn called didgeridoo! (I didn't even know what down under meant until Hans explained it to me! He said he only plays the instrument contemporary style (like IMO) because the traditional digeridoo was played to communicate like a language, and it would be hard to play it traditionally since he doesn't speak their language. (Also the lyric would be you don't go around and sing this is my table...) So he played it He even asked the local didgeridoo to go up and play a little. This event was an eye opening event, but too bad it was a little loud to Lavinia because she sat in the front. =_="

▲Helene was finally down for a nap on the way home. She's really transitioning from 2 naps to 1 nap. (One in the early afternoon instead of one around 10am morning and the other in the late afternoon.)

▲Once Helene was up, these two were having fun playing together in the crib (dont ask me why). (see video)

▲Then Hans was up from his nap and started to train the kids for jumping by using his drone while I prepare food for dinner!